Support Policies


E-mail and phone support are free for ExceliCare Business and Managed Network customers. All others are billed by the quarter-hour at your normal hourly rate. If you are a new customer requesting support, you may be required to pre-pay for the estimated time to resolve your request. All new customers are billed at our current rate of $120/hour. Initial phone consultations for new customers are free for the first 15 minutes.

Method of Communication

Due to the high volume of spam and sales calls, we no longer answer the phone. This doesn’t mean we don’t want to talk to you, though. Please create a support ticket using the appropriate type, and we will get back to you. ExceliCare Business and Managed Network customers will hear back within 2 hours, during normal business hours. All others, should expect to hear back within 1 business day. Typically, we respond to support requests first thing in the morning, and in the late afternoon.

How to obtain support

Please click the Support tab on the far left edge of this browser window to request support or request a consultation. You will have 4 types of support to choose from.
General Support - All technical support questions, except when wanting to scheduling a phone consultation or on-site service. Of course, General Support tickets can always result in a phone call or
Phone Consultation Scheduling - Select this if you just need to get us on the phone to discuss your situation. New customer consultations are free for the first 15 minutes.
On Site Scheduling - If you know you want us to come on site, please select this option, and tell us how long you expect us to be there. Its fine if you don’t really know, just take a guess and we’ll adjust it when we know more.
Billing - If you have any questions regarding your invoices, or anything billed automatically on, our automated billing portal.


Addigy Management Agent

TeamViewer QuickSupport 11

ECS Support Portal