Apple Store Lead Registration

Some of the vendors we work with require us to register a customer with them before we start the sales process.  This is difficult if the customer, being already aware of the product, contacts the vendor directly before working with us.  When this happens, ECS will not be able to assist in the sales process.  We ask for your help by giving us as much information on the customer as possible as soon as possible after speaking with the customer about the products we sell.  That way, we are able to register the lead with the appropriate vendor.  We will NEVER contact the customer directly without your consent.  This would be a violation of your trust.  ECS is committed to working directly with our local Apple Stores and will always send a customer to a local Apple Store for hardware before sending them to any other arm of Apple Sales or a 3rd-party reseller.

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Would you like us to contact the customer to evaluate need and create a proposal? If not, let's set up a day and time that we can all sit down together.