ExceliCare Home

Keep all your Macs or Windows computers secure and up to date.  At least once a month ECS will connect to your computer remotely and perform the following maintenance operations:

  1. Update Virus definitions and scan for viruses and malware.
  2. Defragment Windows partitions.
  3. Repair permissions and verify disks on Macs.
  4. Update Windows using the built in Windows Update utility.
  5. Update Macs using the built in Software Update utility.  We will not install major operating system updates.

Monthly Cost:

$39 for first computer.

$19 for every additional computer in the same household.


Would you like remote access to your computers?  Just commit to a year of ExceliCare Home and pay a one time fee of $10 per computer for a YEAR of LogMeIn Standard Access.